Installing the Tubehead

Click on the downloaded file in the lower left corner of the screen.

Click on "Yes" to approve the start of installation.

Click the "Next" button in the installer and follow the instructions.

Click the icon on your desktop, and have fun downloading!

How does the Tubehead works?

The Tubehead allows you to download the videos from Youtube and Facebook in various formats, also letting you watch them in a "miniplayer" while performing other tasks. It's amazing!

See the functions that Tubehead offers for you:

  1. Copy, paste, drag
    Our system detects the copied URL from Youtube or Facebook and automatically loads the system for greater agility.
  2. Watch videos in a "miniplayer"
    On Tubehead you can watch your favorite videos while performing any task on your computer, and when you want to watch another video, just drag the link to the window. Easy is not it?!
  3. Download videos in any format, including MP3
    Our main objective is to facilitate the conversion of your favorite videos in a fast and agile way, so we created a system that do the work for you. You will have the major audio and video formats for converting, between many others features...